You start to pack up your suitcase.

Hope piece of my heart is on the list

Less than 20 days.

I lost the track.

I lost you.

Less than 3 weeks

4 weeks.
I can almost cry now.
What I gonna do without you

How to survive

One month and five days

Maybe it is meant to be like this
I like you more than you like me.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t want to mad at you
Because I know you don’t care

Everything seems like repeating itself.

This knowing is killing me.

My job is done.

I will miss you. Less than 6 weeks

Feeling like shit.

Even I knew back then.
But it hurts more now

6 weeks.

I know I will miss you so much.

But right now it is impossible to not being angry.
“Try to ignore you”

Thanks forgive me.

I might just really tired.